May Day in Edmonton Schedule

Born out of the struggle for the 8-hour day more than 100 years ago, May Day is celebrated by working people the world over as an occasion to defend the rights of workers and defend the rights of all. On May 1, Edmontonians will join the millions around the world who take to the streets on this important day.

When we last marched on May Day, it was only days before a historic election ended the decades long anti-worker PC era. But the chorus of voices seeking to blame workers for a crisis that we did not create is still loudly calling for working people to shoulder the greatest burdens of the economic downturn.

This year, May Day is an occasion to build our opposition to this anti-worker austerity agenda led by the big corporations that control our economy and to assert that working people ourselves must be the ones to set the course for a society organized to meet our needs and a government working in our interests.

Bring your flags, banners and placards to let everyone know what the most pressing concerns are in your unions, organizations and communities. We will build our solidarity by deepening our understanding of our different struggles, and we will assert our rights and the rights of all by taking to the streets chanting "Who decides? We decide!"


1:00 Gather at the front steps of the Legislature. Speakers from labour and community organizations will address the rally

2:00 Take to the streets to march to Winston Churchill Square

3:00 (or immediately following the conclusion of the May Day rally) Plaque dedication ceremony commemorating the founding in 1911 of United Garment Workers of America Local 120 (Edmonton Great Western Garment factory). The GWG workers were the first in their industry to win the 8 hour day.

3:30 Light refreshments, lower level Stanley Milner Library

4:00 Free performance of Piece by Piece, a tribute to the GWG workers, with live music by Maria Dunn

5:00 Labour cabaret and social at Brittany's Lounge, 10225 97 Street